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Researcher Project Submitted Update
Lucía 3D print design for adapting toys 14/10/2016 13:16:30
Odile Perino A shape sorter toy for blind children : the "sound puzzle box" from Battat 22/09/2016 14:30:52
Noemí Rando ACTIVE PLAY. Development of an interactive game based on the combination of exercise with advanced visualisation and communication technologies to promote healthy lifestyles 17/06/2016 12:35:26
Lucía Adapting toys for children with disabilities. 07/12/2016 12:49:03
Maria Costa APP Moogy Speak 17/06/2016 12:28:37
Maria Costa APP Moogy Visual 17/06/2016 12:28:49
Thommen Evelyne Applications-Autisme 22/07/2016 11:28:26
Panayiota Polycarpou Assessing Listening and Speaking Skills through Play with the Humanoid Robot NAO 25/05/2016 10:50:28
Silvia Giordano Autoplay 19/05/2016 15:15:18
Maria Saridaki CodeRed - Engaging the Disengaged 19/05/2016 11:22:15
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